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Jerusalem 2017

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Please note:   This page (and the two attached, see below) contain some photographs taken during my 21-day trip to Jerusalem Dec. 26, 2016 - Jan. 16, 2017 as well as music composed by my grandfather Ephraim Abileah, and some interesting old documents and family photos.   MORE TO COME!





Family History

The Ethiopian Street in Jerusalem.  There is a beautiful old church.  The street is very narrow, cobble-stoned.  My two Great Grandmothers lived here in the 30s and 40s
Best shot of trhe holy places in Jerusalem.  Santa Maria and the Russian church with onion tops. 
David's tower and the wall
Decent towards to Arab quarters from Yemin Moshe.
Gesher Ha-Meitarim - The bridge of Strings, an amazing  architectural feature when entering the center of Jerusalem.
Another example of modern architecture this one is a large clinic
found this old Jerusalem postcards within correspondence of Uncle Leo, a Concert pianist who taught at the Jerusalem Conservatorium into very old age.
View of King David's tomb taken on the way down from Yemin Moshe in Avi's taxi on my last day in Jerusalem.
A view of Mount Olives taken from Armon Ha-Natziv, which is now the UN in Jerusalem.
On the 100th anniversary of Alexander Eliezer Niswitzski his sun Ephraim Niswitzski1-Abileah gave a concert dedicated to his father.
Old Cantorial music of my Great Grandfather Alexander Eliezer Niswitzki, who was a famous cantor in Russia
My Great Grandfather  composed cantorial music.  this is another shot of  his Cantor books twhich are preserved at the National Library in Jerusalem.
About the history of my Grandfather's composition for Ma Nishtana.
Concert program (Polish) Grandfather's concert as conductor of a Russian Army orchestra
Grandfather's music teaching tools.
From my Grandfather's music school in Vienna, Austria
Postcard Al Naharot Babel...a song for which Epraim Abileah worte music.
Three brothers, Left to right Willi (Joseph) Hans (Ahron) and Rudi (Avshalom)
My father Hans-Ahron Abileah in the 1940s officer in Zahal (Signal division) Photo just received from Cousin Danny in Israel.
Uncle Benny my father's youngest brother (born in Tel Aviv Israel)  spent his working career as a diplomat.
My two cousins Otti and Uri Seiden, sons of Julia Niswitzski-Seiden, who were born in Vienna and then moved to Kansas City in the U.S.  This photo, on the day of Otti's wedding.
Dafna's wedding in Va, USA (I am in it too siting in the front.
The famous family photo that cousin Otti distributed copies of to each of us at Aunt Juli's 90th birthday.

The most recent wedding in the family here is Ruthy, grandson Eithan, Daughter Dafna and bride Carmela.

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