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Jerusalem 2017

Double Défi

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October 2017


Mont Laurier

Mont Laurier Exhibition Centre, 385, rue du Pont.   819 623-2441

Until Oct. 14: Marie José Gustave with her paper threads knitted, crocheted or woven.   

Oct. 26 to Dec. 20: Sylvie Tisserand presents her collection of silent bells “Les cloches silencieuses,” Vernissage: Thur. Oct. 26, 5 pm.







Espace Theatre, 543, rue du Pont, Mont Laurier.  819 623 1222,  

Oct. 20, 8 pm: Robert Charlebois, “Rock’oustic”- this audacious artist is back accompanied by his musicians. $49







Double Défi - International Theatre Festival: This festival was amazing and beautiful, with an inimitable atmosphere of, respect, admiration, encouragement, and love amongst the different nations represented.  The troupe who won the public vote came from Russia.  Students of a school for deaf children gave a wonderful, heart-warming show “Wings of Clowns” which captivated all of us.  The festival will be back in two years, and I do hope that the public will participate in this best kept secret of the Upper Laurentians.  Festival Double Défi: 819 440 2666. 


September 2017

Mont Laurier Exhibition Centre, 385, rue du Pont.   819 623-2441 Until Oct. 14: Marie José Gustave.

8th Double Défi - International Theatre Festival: Espace Theatre, 543, rue du Pont, Mont-Laurier.  819 623 1222,   Festival Double Défi: 819 440 2666. 

Show times: 10 am, 1:30 pm, 4:30 pm and 8 pm. 

 Fri. Sept. 8: Program: Canada - “Stampede” (French); Algeria - Mère Courage au Coeur de la tempête (French); Mexico - Manuel de vol (Spanish). 

Sat. Sept. 9: Morocco, Roméo & Juliette après la mort (Arabic); Germany, How to find Moby Dick (English); France, Je me suis fait tout petit (French); Poland - Odkolysanie (movement and English); Burkina Faso, Kiiba (Orphan). 

Sun. Sept. 10: CanadaGatineau, Les Combustibles (French); Russia, Wings of Clowns (no words); Canada - Roberval, Les manuscrits du déluge (French); Colombia, Bogota, La Paz Perpetua (Spanish). 

Mon. Sept. 11: Algeria, Divorce sans marriage (French); Slovakia, Bratislava, Le Procès de la Genèse (French); Switzerland, Geneva: D’exil en exil (French); France, Caen, Vent divin (French). 

Tue. Sept. 12:  Bangladesh, Loko Nathadal (Bangla); Belgium, Hargimont: On n’est pas des Paons (French); Egypt, Gaza: Le Rêve de Youssef (Arabic);

Spain, Seville: Les Bachantes (Spanish);







Rumania, Iasi: The Last Godot (Romanian). 

Wed. Sept. 13:  Uruguay, Montevideo: Pasos Largos (Catalan); Spain, Seville: La Celestina (Spanish); 6 pm - Closing and Dinner event when the winners in various categories will be announced!


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