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Mont Laurier Exhibition Centre, 385, rue du Pont.   819 623-2441 Until Oct. 14: Marie José Gustave.

8th Double Défi - International Theatre Festival: Espace Theatre, 543, rue du Pont, Mont-Laurier.  819 623 1222,   Festival Double Défi: 819 440 2666. 

Show times: 10 am, 1:30 pm, 4:30 pm and 8 pm. 

 Fri. Sept. 8: Program: Canada - “Stampede” (French); Algeria - Mère Courage au Coeur de la tempête (French); Mexico - Manuel de vol (Spanish). 

Sat. Sept. 9: Morocco, Roméo & Juliette après la mort (Arabic); Germany, How to find Moby Dick (English); France, Je me suis fait tout petit (French); Poland - Odkolysanie (movement and English); Burkina Faso, Kiiba (Orphan). 

Sun. Sept. 10: CanadaGatineau, Les Combustibles (French); Russia, Wings of Clowns (no words); Canada - Roberval, Les manuscrits du déluge (French); Colombia, Bogota, La Paz Perpetua (Spanish). 

Mon. Sept. 11: Algeria, Divorce sans marriage (French); Slovakia, Bratislava, Le Procès de la Genèse (French); Switzerland, Geneva: D’exil en exil (French); France, Caen, Vent divin (French). 

Tue. Sept. 12:  Bangladesh, Loko Nathadal (Bangla); Belgium, Hargimont: On n’est pas des Paons (French); Egypt, Gaza: Le Rêve de Youssef (Arabic);

Spain, Seville: Les Bachantes (Spanish);







Rumania, Iasi: The Last Godot (Romanian). 

Wed. Sept. 13:  Uruguay, Montevideo: Pasos Largos (Catalan); Spain, Seville: La Celestina (Spanish); 6 pm - Closing and Dinner event when the winners in various categories will be announced!


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