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An Inspired Artist in Morin Heights

Andrée Gauthier Schmekel has been a member of ARTS Morin Heights since the 1980s.  In her early years in the village she was also active with Theatre Morin Heights. She studied French at the University in Montreal, and then went on to the Fine Arts School of Concordia University. 



Andrée is a painter, sculptor, bird carver, photographer, and an avid traveler.  Each year she travels to the mountains of Nepal, Patagonia, or other locations.  She hikes with a back pack up mountains, where she is inspired by the nature surrounding her.  She comes back to create compositions on canvas in smooth, meticulous layers of oil paint.  Her pallet is her own – the lines are defined, yet some areas have a wonderfully blended. Both, her paintings and her sculptures depict her visual interpretation of the places and sights she visited. There are mountains, trees, a hawk or another bird of pray, and a ball in the sky symbolizing a continuing circle of life.  Movement is what she endeavours to depict in her creations, be it bronze sculptures done using the vanishing wax technique or paintings.  Her creations compliment each other quite well.  When you see an artwork by Andrée Gauthier Schmekel, you know it is hers!  She has created a pictorial language of her own! 

At present you can see a few of Andrée’s paintings at the new Mickey’s Café, which recently opened and quickly became a popular meeting place for the locals, at 832, chemin du Village, Morin Heights, open daily 7 am to 5 pm. 450 644-0060.



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