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Anthe is an artist from Philadelphia who visited CIEM, (Print-making center Ste. Scholastique, Mirabel, Quebec) during Route des Arts 2010 to do a an artist's residency.  She did fascinating projects and got five artists to join in a collective lithography on the theme "Life".  It was indeed an inspiring experience to work with this wonderful artist. 


Works on Paper


PRINTS: All prints in this collection were hand-printed by the artist, on her own press or by hand. Intaglio Prints - Aquatints, Dry-points, Etchings, Lithography Relief Prints- Linoleum cuts, Rubber cut,& Woodcuts.

Does it really make a Sound Intaglio 12 x 9 "

Entreaty intaglio à la poupée 10 x 8"



Heaven Help Us - Intaglio - Etching 8 x 10"

Etching on soft metal with a Chine-collé print 4 x 7"

Triptych, Miniature prints 4x3" and Chine Collé.


Hydra Intaglio & aquarelle      10 x 12"

The Horio - Intaglio - Etching   3" x 7"

Through It All
37" x 26 1/2"



Intaglio & aquarelle 10 x 14 "

In Memory Monotype 10 x 12 "

Egg Wash aquarelle 9 x 12"


Below is a partial CV of Anthe

Colours and dimensions artwork may be slightly different from the original.

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