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David Roffey – Contemporary Quiet Realism

(Written February 2012)


Photo: Painting by David Roffey “Welcome Home”, oil on canvas, 20"x30".


David Roffey works with oil on canvas, and watercolour on cold-pressed paper. His style is realist and pointillist, and his subjects range from urban architecture, gardens, country houses, landscapes, birds, wild flowers, and herbs. “David concentrates on light, detail and quiet order.” He paints unique landscapes emphasizing architectural structures, the nature around them, and fascinating sky scenes. He uses but a few tubes of oil paints, yet achieves rich tonality and warmth.


Photo: Gamekeeper's Cottage, oil on canvas, 14"x18"


The houses in David’s paintings are closed, but the gate is open, and a path leads to the front door. At times the path is surrounded by a lovely garden which entices the viewer to enter. David is also inspired by the view through doors or windows, a horizon stretching from a beach house over the dunes, inviting one to walk through the sands and look at the few courageous shoreline flowers.


Boats are another subject that David favours. A boat on the beach tells a story of years on the water. A small boat moored by an island with a single house opens the imagination to a romantic story. Surprisingly, his minutely executed realistic paintings are quite contemporary in the way he treats his subjects. Despite the structures that bring forth the past, the images are suggestive of the technique, specialisation, and solitude that symbolises life in the current era.



David Roffey was born in England. He studied drawing, painting and art history for two years at the “Bournemouth & Poole College of Art”. He lives in Canada since 1978 and full time in the Laurentians for the past two years. David’s paintings were exhibited and sold by galleries in Scotland, Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto and Halifax, and were acquired for private collections in Scotland, Great Britain, United States, Bahrain and Canada.


David Roffey is a member of Route des Arts of Grand Argenteuil as well as the group ARTS Morin Heights. In 2011 and 2012 he participated in a few exhibitions at the Montfort Gallery, and in March, he will exhibit a few paintings at Restaurant Faimfino, 338, rue des Érables, Brownsburg-Chatham, 450 407-0708. Information: La Société culturelle du Pavillon des jardins: 450 495-8022 scpj.wordpress.com.

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Feb. 6, 2013:  David Roffey presented a new collection "Home Sweet Home" at the Morin Heights Library (1st two weekends June 2013). 







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