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Villa des Arts Liliane Bruneau - Where Art and Fashion Meet

Liliane Bruneau’s Villa des Arts & Boutique is as a place where “Art and Fashion Meet.” In her thirty-eight-years in Ste. Agathe, Liliane has actively been involved with the community, contributing generously to the Canadian Cancer Society, Palliative Care, Artistic Skating, and other projects. Liliane herself plays the piano, paints and collects art. Her Villa des Arts is beautifully renovated, after a two-year closure. It reopened two months ago with an art exhibit and a concert.

The fashion boutique is now downstairs and a charming intimate concert hall & art gallery on the main floor. On June 1, Meredith Marshall & Slim Williams presented a rich program including songs such as “Fever” in an original arrangement, “La Vie en Rose”, and “What a Wonderful World.”  Meredith who recently appeared on the television program “La Voix” has an amazing voice which goes from exuberant to very tender. She has a captivating stage presence, and moves beautifully. Slim Williams uses his instruments so aptly that one might consider him a “One-Man Band.” He sings with Meredith, and the synergy between these two musicians, along with their humorous banter is very enjoyable. They received a standing ovation!  

The Villa des Arts continues with:  Thur., June 13, Ste. Agathe piano students year-end concert. Wed., June 26 “Trunk Show” of Simon Chang with invited artists Linda Dubois and René Dupéré.  Sat., June 29, 8 pm: Ghislaine Néron, who plays the piano and sings.  During the month of June, a collection of paintings by the artist Suzie Pilon is on display. These are large-sized oil canvases never exhibited before, along with some of her exquisite etchings. The program continues in July with the artist Louise Bloom in the gallery. Sat., July 13, 8 pm: Rick Hughes (La Voix, and singer for Éric Lapointe ($20-$30.) Fri., Jul., 26, 8 pm: a Montreal choir accompanied by René Dupéré, composer of Cirque du Soleil.  And on Aug. 24, 8 pm, Singer songwriter Linda Dubois will perform. Villa des Arts Liliane Bruneau, 2 Chemin Tour du Lac, Ste. Agathe. Reservations required 819 326-1041.

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