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2012 Louise Bloom exhibits her recent works "Dear Alice...Reflections from the Looking Glass" in Toronto.  See www.louisebloom.com.  This collection including some work now in progress will be exhibited at the Val David Exhibition Center in March 2013. 


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2010 - Louise Bloom exhibits "Le jardin d'Alice et d'autres mots..." at the Maison de la culture Rivière-des-Prairies. Meet the artist session Saturday, April 10th, 2010. 9001, boulevard Perras, Montréal, Québec 514 872-9425.


Louise Bloom Embarks on a New Trip!

Written by Ilania Abileah

Photo: Louise Bloom at her studio, ironing a paper already printed with background colour images, to be used for one of her scrolls.

Some artists go about creating good artwork which manages to remain a very well kept secret for years! However, fortunately, an artist may experience an awakening go back to perfect their techniques to a master painter's level, while taking the time to focus and search within for new meanings and a new voice, utilising the personal visual language already intertwined within images created in the past. Suddenly, it all comes together, each image bears a visible signature of the artist. An awakening is evident! There is no doubt as to who created the image, and what's more, one collection, follows the previous one with a fine thread that connects it all. The artist has caught a wonderful creative wave and is flowing with it, and so are we, the spectators. Whether we grasp all the meanings that the artist has enmeshed in intricate visual stories or not. We are taken into a mysterious inner world of an artist who shares the wonders of the world with us. The tool may be an old, well known fable....yet, we are jostled by the actuality of the images. This is the story of the artist Louise Bloom, whose work of the past few years has been blossoming into a creative outburst, that is reaching a summit whose height is not yet defined.

On September 10, 2009, Louise Bloom embarks on a trip that takes her artistic career into a new sphere. Her trip begins with a stint in England. She will first spend a few days in London, England, to breath in a bit of the thriving art world there. Then she will visit a childhood home of two years in Bristol, and the town of Stokebishop on Avon, not far from the University of West England, where she is taking part in an amazing conference on multidisciplinary print making called IMPACT. She was accepted as one of the exhibitors, and given a thirty-foot (10 meters) wall, at the conference center. Louise will exhibit her Scroll series Working Drawings for Transmission, and etchings from the series Alice's Garden, as well as the first work of the current series of lithography/collage Alice's Awakening. (http://www.impact.uwe.ac.uk)

Louise Bloom applied and was accepted for a three-week residency at the Frans Masereel Centrum in Belgium (
http://www.fransmasereelcentrum.be/). She opted to work in both etching and lithography in order to produce a small artist book that continues the journey into Alice's Garden, entitled "Alice's Awakening". Following the residency at Frans Masareel Centrum, she will visit with Natalie Doyen (who participated in the Sentier Art3 project of this summer at Bois de Belle Rivière in Ste. Scholastique, Mirabel) in Brussels, Belgium.

Following this eventful trip, Louise is scheduled to exhibit her work at the Wilder and Davis Gallery. 257 Rachel Street East, Montreal, in November (http://www.wilderdavis.com) 514 289-0849. Also, some of her miniature prints will be exhibited in a group show of print miniatures in Quebec City.

Louise Bloom describes her work in her own words: "Alice in Wonderland has been an icon of innocence and paradox. She walks around Wonderland saying "curiouser and curiouser". Everything to which we turn a blind eye in our culture, all those things that are dangerous to us that we support, i.e.: genetic modification, genocide, wife beating, etc., things that we normalize are inferred in the image of my Alice. She is carrying around the production of her Garden, as if it were proper and precious. The rabbit is saying it's TOO LATE as he always did, a warning.... the saying "time an tide wait for no man" is what my mother said to me if I didn't do my homework on time...the mad hatter is eating the nova species from Alice Garden instead of the toast he eats in the story at the tea party, he is losing his shoes, unaware and he has a BAR CODE on his hat in my illustration, instead of the price which is on the hat in the original Alice... he is named CONSUMER # 1..... THIS IS WHAT OUR CULTURE IS ABOUT ...... consumption, consumption and more consumption. And then the MOCK TURTLE is crying in her soup so to speak... kind of a mock grief for all our behaviour... and this is no different than the TORAH... we are still dancing with the golden calf..... and that is what this series is about. Essentially you only have to look at the original pictures in the book to see the impact of the restorying of the figures."

Louise also suggests to read the review in Traces (August 2009) by Gilles Matte, "with another viewpoint about our generation living with the threat of the bomb...something that lived alongside our innocence making us very frightened children."

As the keen educator that Louise has always been, she is telling us visual stories based on cultural symbols from the past, yet rendering them real and prophetic. Louise, draws on a deeply spiritual inner world. Perhaps, her new visual stories represent a sharing of her own prayers for an awakening, which she hopes to incite in us, we may become as curious as Alice, and ponder about the outcome of the story.

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