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Michel Fournier -  will play in Val Morin on March 1, 2014 - A Concert not to be missed! 

Michel Fournier plays the intimate and passionate music of Schumann.  He re-discovers the expressive possibilities of the piano keyboard over which his fingers paint feelings, mood and scenery.  He wins audiences of all ages sharing his love of music with his warm, witty humour. The young pianist Yogane Lacombe will open the concert.   Sat., Mar., 1, 8 pm: $37.   Theatre du Marais: 1201 10č Avenue, Val-Morin.  819 322-1414.  theatredumarais@cgocable.ca



News: Michel Fournier is one of the finalists for the 24th Grands Prix Culture Laurentides, which will take place Nov., 7, 2013 in St. Jerome (Salle Anthony Lessard).




Michel Fournier – Shares his Love of Music  


Michel Fournier is a virtuoso pianist, who expresses his love of music through the tips of his fingers.  He is a master of his instrument and loves to share his music with the audience.  That is why he prefers to give recitals, where he can easily communicate with the audience. 


Michel Fournier obtained a Master’s degree in Montreal, and went on to continue his studies abroad, in France and Austria.  Then he studied at the University of Indiana under Menahem Pressler.   He did his doctorate with Marc Durand, at the University of Montreal (1990).  He is an associate professor at the University of Sherbrooke.  He has travelled extensively, and was invited to play with different ensembles and orchestras.  When asked what music he prefers, he admits to favouring nineteenth century music.  Yet his repertoire covers many eras and styles such as: Bach, Mozart, Debussy, Prokofiev, Chopin, Bartok, Stravinsky, and a myriad of other composers from classical to Jazz. 


Michel is an educator who gives regular master classes.  He promotes his love of music through lectures and workshops.  He also adjudicates numerous competitions and festivals throughout Canada and Asia.  In fact, he considers adjudicating an important part of his teaching, since he endeavours to give individual feed-back to each competitor, not merely a mark.  At the end of February and in March 2012 he will be adjudicating for the "Hong Kong School Music Festival" as well as giving two recitals there.  He recently made Morin Heights his home, where he opened a studio, for teaching advanced piano students, and for pre-competition coaching. 


Michel Fournier’s wonderful piano playing can be heard in his latest CD “17:05”, a captivating collection of classical and jazz music.  His rendition of Debussy’s Claire de lune is inimitable.  The feather-light tender notes and hesitations are poetic magic.  Thank you for sharing your love of music Michel! 



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Please Note:  Michel Fournier will audition students at his new studio in Morin Heights, for the 2012-2013 season.  Call 450 644-0327 or contact "Atelier LouisMichel" at info@stageslouismichel.com.



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