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Double Défi 2017

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8th Double Defi International Theatre Festival Mont Laurier


More to come!


  Opening Gala Finale

all artists up on stage...the festival commences!



Volunteers of Double Defi Mont Laurier singing on opening gala night





Le Jour Des Rois (Shakespeare) by the Double Défi Troupe, Thur. Sept. 7, 2017 performed by volunteer local business people who played with all their heart, the whole 150 minutes of it.



Mexico - Fri. Sept. 8, 4:30 pm Manuel de vol, Spanish 40 min.  Theatro Danza Totem from Pachuca.  What a heart-warming presentation.



Canada, Mont Laurier, Troupe Montserrat, Stampede, Fri. Sept. 8, 50 min.  The Local Theatre Troupe gave a real Canadian Comedy.  Here they are on stage at the previous night gala with the piano too.



France Gala Night



Opening Gala Columbia Troupe




Swiss, Geneva, Theatre Ad Hoc, "D'exil en exil" French 75 minutes Mon. Sept. 11, 4:30 pm

What a surprise touching performance by one actor singing the poems of Nâzim Hikmet and telling his life story, while the musician and composer Ayser Vançin, accompanied him on piano, obo, and at times declaming a poem in Turkish, which he followed with the song in French.  A theatrical delight!



Closing event, the Russian troupe receives the Public Vote.



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