Jerusalem - The City 2 - 2017 By: Ilania Abileah 



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Jerusalem Sites - 2


National  Theatre through AVI's Taxi window.  Notice his David's shield and his Hamza in front of a wall with fantastic artwork.
Jerusalem view into the old city and the western Modern part of Jerusalem.    

Montefiori'a refurbished carriage taken through the glass window of the can see me, and Avi my last day wonderful
guide, whom I asked to show me Jerusalem his way, even if I see some spots again.  It was a wonderful experience.

Sunset view of the Russian church with the onion tops, through a little steps and cobble stones little street called Kesem Ha-Dafna (the charm of Dafna) i
n Ein Kerem, outside Jerusalem.

he best shot I took in Jerusalem, it is the most visited site in old Jerusalem where tourists are brought by bus-loads
to see the Santa Maria and its beautiful gardens.

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