Adèle Bistro By: Ilania Abileah







 This restaurant is located in a lovely spot across Lac Ronde, newly renovated restaurant.  The decor is pleasant, seating comfortable, service very personable, and the menu quite enticing.  I chose the lunch Table d'hôte which includes a soup, main dish and a desert.  The soup was carrots with cumin and orange juice which was delightful.  The main dish was eggs served on a bed of puréed spinach, with a crispy pastry topped with caramelized onions, two eggs (slightly cooked yoke still runny) and Arugola salad on top.  The blend of textures and tastes was surprising.  The small whole-wheat bread rolls were warm and served in a small basket.  The desert was a vanilla-flavoured panacotta topped with a cherry jelly.  Coffee in this restaurant is Espresso and it was done well too.  A very good meal!  The chef is Michael Lessard who worked in the recently closed "L'Eau à la bouche" - This location really fits his style.



I visited again on July 4th, with two friends.  Once again the service was impecable, the plates had a great aroma, looked good, and tasted delicious.  All three of us enjoyed our visit tremendously. 

this time I took a green pea soup with chives and cream and a guinea fowl dish, de-boned legs stuffed with meat served with a caramelised onion sauce, purée of carrots and baby carrots.









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