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Note: January 2016-This was one of my favourite restaurants, however it has closed,

now it is called Lola45


Subtle, Flavourful French Cuisine at “Carré des Saveurs”

Photo: Salmon with pesto and an asparagus flan at Carré des Saveurs, St.Sauveur.

Frédéric and Aline Milano opened their French Restaurant a few weeks ago; right where the street is being repaired, limiting access to the restaurant. Yet people who braved the passage had a great experience, and in fact came back within a week. The restaurant name means a “square of flavours”, and indeed it is! It measures up to the criteria: exquisitely prepared, original, fresh, tempting presentation, and above all tasty. Chef Frederic Milano with his wife Aline offer quality dining with creative, subtle blends of flavours and aromas. Aline provides warm, friendly and knowledgeable service, and Frederic comes to greet patrons at the table to ensure meals are enjoyed.

The small restaurant was renovated in contemporary style. The ambiance and décor is appealing, and the sitting arrangement very comfortable. The beautifully designed dishes and silver are yet another pleasant surprise. The napkin is served in a ring. The bread rolls warmed, the butter comes in a covered small ceramic dish. Cold water served right away, and the wines on list are well chosen. Salad topped with pine nuts, and pesto to start the meal, served with a thin long bread-stick. The main dish of poached fish with grilled shrimps seared in a flambé liqueur sauce, served with vegetables cooked just right and polenta. On another occasion I tried a tasty thick vegetable soup topped with fresh estragon, and a grilled salmon served with pesto done by Frederic himself, and an asparagus flan. Frederic offers a few choices for a lunch table d’hôte ($12 - $15 salad or soup and a main dish) this menu is changed daily. For dinner Frederic serves interesting beef, veal, poultry, pork, seafood, and from the grill dishes ($20 -$25). Deserts all done in his kitchen. This new restaurant will probably become a destination in St. Sauveur, so make your reservations ahead of time. Le carré des saveurs - French restaurant: 206 rue Principale, St. Sauveur (across from the Church) 450 744-1766.


Note:  Was invited to this lovely restaurant on January 8, 2013.  Again we had a great meal.  Here are a few photos of meals taken at Le Carré des saveurs in 2012:    
























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