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Visited again, March 2014, and July-August, 2014. 


At Casa Blanca the food is served really hot, you can linger and enjoy your meal!

(visited a few times summer 2013)


When one considers value for your money this restaurant is very good.

The food is tasty, and the portions are ample.  My personal suggestion is to order the authentic Moroccan dishes, and the traditional Mint Tea served with the Moroccan ritual curved spout metal pot into glasses.  The restaurant owner Aziz makes you feel important and very welcome and inquires if it is alright. During the summer the terrace is a good place to spend an evening. During the St. Sauveur Art Festival, please come early to ensure you get a a table and timely service.



When the weather gets cold around here, it would be a treat to have dinner in restaurant with the romantic name of Casa Blanca.  The one in St. Sauveur offers a warm welcome, and the food is authentic! 


The service is very friendly be it on the terrace in the summer or indoors, where the décor features Moroccan scenery, the chairs are comfortable, and the background music is Moroccan.  The restaurant transports you to an exotic place where it is warm, and relaxed.


The Moroccan dishes are served in ceramic covered heated bowls and dishes, the waiter tells you to be careful “It is very hot.”  You may linger and enjoy a leisurely meal while the food is still hot.  The menu includes a choice of Moroccan specialties, ranging from vegetarian couscous ($12.95) to Couscous Royal ($21.95).  The menu also features French dishes and a choice of Italian pasta dishes, and there is a wine list. 


The meal starts with a refreshing complimentary salad.  The Moroccan main dish comes in a heated bowl accompanied by another very hot dish of couscous cooked just right and topped with vegetables and prunes, as well as a bowl of broth, and a special butter preparation to apply over the couscous.  To complete the experience, you may have the traditional Moroccan tea with mint.  Staff members even ask you if you want it sweetened or not (a pot for two: $4.95.)  It is served in a real Moroccan metal teapot with a curved long spout, on a nice tray, and while pouring it they hold the teapot high above the glasses, it is a ritual that all staff members were trained for.   I am planning to return, and next time I shall take shots of the tea service too!


Call for reservations 450 227-0245.   Restaurant Casa Blanca, 179, rue Principale, St. Sauveur. 


    A Vegetarian Couscous dish, and A Salmon dinner plate.

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