La Casa, St. Sauveur & Ste. Adele By: Ilania Abileah





Written Winter 2013


As the holiday season approaches, one needs a break after exhausting shopping trips, schlepping the tree, and a house full of guests. Wouldn’t it be great to get up on a weekend morning and announce: “We are going out for Brunch!?” There are two restaurants that offer such affordable “Mini-Escapade” - one is in St. Sauveur and the other in Ste. Adele, Saturday & Sunday, 9 am to 3 pm ($11.95).

When you go to La Casa for brunch, Mom won’t have to cater to moody capricious demands, and kids can take what they want (not what they are told to eat). The seating is quite comfortable, coffee refills come with a smile, and you can sample from a regular breakfast fare of cereal, eggs, sausages, beans, potatoes, meats. You can place an order for an omelette done for you on the spot with mushrooms or other veggies. There is a section with a choice of fresh salads, smoked salmon, breads, croissants, cheese (cream and cheddar), fresh fruit including pineapple, strawberries, melons and more, and chocolate sauce....To top it all - you can go back for a pancake with fruit done for you "Flambé!" And then wash it all down with some more coffee or tea.


If you are a pasta lover La Casa offers specials on pasta dishes, during the week for lunch and dinner. And on Saturday evenings, La Casa offers an Italian buffet with pasta bar as of 5 pm: Adults $17.95 Kids $9.95 (under 6 free). Resto-Bar La Casa: 391, rue Principale, St. Sauveur, open seven days for lunch and dinner - 450 240-5554.


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