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Please note - as of December 2014 - this restaurant is closed

Visited again January 8, 2014 -

On January 8, 2014, I met my friend for lunch at La Marie Morgan.




We both ordered the special vegetarian dish she prepared for us, preceded by a celery rave & other vegies soup which was delicious. To complete the meal we sampled Nathalie's new addition to her desert menu, a " Paris-Brest" made from "Pate-à-choux" (cooked dough) wound-shaped, stuffed with a "Praline" whipped cream, and topped with almond shavings. We finished it off savouring every spoonful. And drank coffee from the tall, not too heavy, and beautifully decorated coffee mugs. This is a fairly new restaurant. It is small, so if you come on a very busy night, it would be best to reserve and even advise your special needs and tastes. They will do everything to respond to your own needs whenever they can. For me personally, a restaurant that serves fresh salads, good soups and interesting, affordable main dishes, as well as serving "in-house" made deserts deserves an accolade!

Visited July 2013

La Marie Morgane - Café-Bistro & Catering

The name of this lovely spot is based on the legend “Sebastian et la Mary-Morgane" (a French (Brittany) story about Sea Fairies (Sirens), which fascinated Nathalie Caron as a child.  The restaurant is located in the center of the Main Street of this pretty village.  In the summer there is seating on the terrace looking into the street.            

There are unique plates on the menu and even drinks - the house lemonade is a real treat!  People with gluten or lactose intolerance, and vegetarians would feel at home here.  Yes there is a hamburger plate but it also comes in vegetarian combination.  The soups are delicious, there is a Croque Monsieur, Pizza plates, spaghetti, gravlax (which Nathalie marinates herself), and confit de Canard (duck) on a plate with salad or as a club sandwich to please a “hungry man”, salads are light and come with a tasty house dressing.  The prices are quite affordable, plates from $7 to $16, daily specials including soup, desert and coffee $17-$19.  The seating is comfortable, and you can bring your own wine. 

Owner Nathalie Caron created a place for people to get together or even for a quiet time with the newspaper or your lap top/i pad.  The food is beautifully served on the plate; the deserts are fresh from her kitchen and scrumptious.   Nathalie’s father helps and makes customers feel very welcome too.  Nathalie also offers lovely jams and compotes from her kitchen. 

It is open for lunch until 3 pm, reopens for dinner.  La Marie Morgane, Café-Bistro/Traiteur (Caterer), 1929, chemin du Village, St. Adolphe d’Howard 438 827-5492.


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