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This restaurant opened October 2, 2014.  I have eaten there 4 times - every time it was excellent!  It is now my No. 1 Restaurant.  Two months ago, it has been chosen by the Montreal Gazette food critic as one of her Top 10 too.  I have written twice about it in Trip-Advisor too.

This photo depicts what an artist the chef is.  I am looking forward for another visit to this restaurant to write a current report about it.

If you are game for trying a culinary experience at lunch for a very affordable price of $21 + tax, tip & if you care for wine it will cost more.  It is well worth the drive to Val David.  Please call to reserve.  This has become a very popular place!

2353 tur fr l'Église, Val David 819-322-2353.


This restaurant opened on October 2, 2014.  I have already visited it three times.  Once in October, solo and twice with friends and family.  It is at present my number 1 in the Laurentians from all respects - quality of food, imagination and creativity of the chef, composition of plate visually, combination of subtle tastes, and great aromas.  This is the first lunchon plate I had.  Salmon with squash puré, bokchoy, pink grapefruit pulp, and a chestnut sauce.  The bread rolls are baked in house.  The kind of bread you break and it is topped with poppy seeds or sesame.  The chef Thiery is a virtual artist.



This is the specialty of the house desert - apples in caramel sauce with a piece of butter cake, sorbet and whipped apple juice.  Then they present you with these wonderful little chefs creations to go with your coffee.  A touch of class!


One of the Best Meals Experienced in the Laurentians submitted to Trip Advisor Oct. 30, 2014

The indoor decor is very bright and pleasant, with windows on both sides, and comfortable seating.  Cold fresh water bottle arrives right away, home baked bread rolls with poppy seeds, and butter in a small dish.  The service is courteous, friendly, and they do care that you actually enjoy your meal,

They have a special lunch combination of either a salad or soup and main dish, or a main dish with desert.  I chose the second.   

The main dish was Salmon with Bok-Choy, roasted squash, creamed buttercup purée, chestnut sauce, and pink-grapefruit pulp.  Every morsel on the plate was tasty.  The combination of such a variety of tastes and colours on the plate was amazing.  The little bread rolls, were very good and served with un-salted butter. 

The desert of apple in caramel sauce with a slice of butter cake topped with a fruity sorbet scoop, and another scoop of very fluffy whipped apple. 

The long-espresso was good and it was served with a small chocolate truffle and an apricot jelly square, all done in house. 

It was a magnificent experience of taste blends.

 My second visit, November 7, 2014



 - with three friends - yet another culinary marvel.                     







  Two desserts.



My 3rd Visit, 21 November 2014



Here are some shots of my most recent visit November 21, 2014.  We were four visual artists (one of us even a trained chef who was impressed) every one commented that this is the best meal they have had in a long time.  and a text already posted on Trip Advisor.  A lot more is to come about this Restaurant.

photo on the left Squash soup, and on the right the lunch menu.



          opening dishes - squash and cheese cake and paté fois gras.


  main dishes - Beef heart and kidney with parsnip puré and Italian salad leaves.





  Final treat with the coffee - home made chocolate fudge with squash and fruit gel squares of appricot and lavender. 



Here is the evening menu:




Visit on November 28, 2014





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