Le Saint-SAU St. Sauveur  By: Ilania Abileah





 Visited Dec., 16, 2013 



This long-time prime location in St. Sauveur has been renovated and transformed into a Pub-Gourmand serving sumptuous meals throughout the day.  The new owners, Hugues Néron, and Hugo Laliberté have turned it into a very popular spot.  The décor is pleasant and comfortable with upholstered tall bar stools, benches and tables, as well as regular tables with comfortable chairs.  And in the summer you can watch the world go by from the terrace.  In the winter, those who need to take a puff have an outside comfortable, sheltered small room (without a door). 

 Upon arrival in the morning, coffee is promptly served with a smile.  The breakfast menu is interesting.  My plate came with toasted crusty bread, a fried egg, crunchy bacon strips, scalloped potatoes in a ceramic pot, a pot of their own raspberry jam, a glass of "smoothie", a piece of brownie baked in their own kitchen, and fruit beautifully cut including fan-shaped pear, orange, melon, watermelon, and strawberries.  The waitress took the time to explain every item on the plate, and then passed by to top the coffee and offered more toasted baguette. 



 On my second visit, I brought a friend along for lunch.  And what a treat we had!  We chose the lunch special of soup followed by fish & chips, or a small sizzling steak with chips ($15-$16.50).  The soup was creamy and delicious.  The crisp fish came with potatoes done just right, and a pot of mayonnaise done in their own kitchen.  Not one morsel was left on the plates.  To complete the meal we had a desert of cooked apples, topped with a delicate mousse and whipped cream, served with two very crispy, crackling, thin cookies ($8.50).  We cleaned these up too!


The restaurant has a team of chefs that put out imaginative dishes, and there is a choice of wine from different countries and varied prices, as well as various beers, and cocktails. On Fridays and Saturdays, they feature live music, and on holidays there are special menus, live music, and family rates.  This is a good place to meet with friends, family or a romantic dinner.  Le Saint-SAU Pub Gourmand, 236 Rue Principale, St. Sauveur.  Open: 7 to Midnight Mon., to Fri., and 8 to Midnight Sat., & Sun., 450-227-0218




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