Maison 1890 Restaurant - Boutique & Catering - Ste. Agathe By: Ilania Abileah  visited  28 January 2014





On Tuesday, January 28th, I met my niece and her spouse at this lovely spot in Ste. Agathe.  Upon arrival, I was already impressed by the attractive building, lovely windows, and an awning over the stairway which had a comfortable banister for icy days. 

When entering, the double doors protect patrons from the outside cold air.  Inside, the furniture, the décor are all welcoming.  A real “Feel Good” place!  The tables and chairs are varied in shape but all old country style, nothing with harsh lines, cold black or shiny metal.  A wooden bench welcomes patrons, and the counter dividing between the service and the dining areas is made of thick natural wood.  The walls are painted in what seems to be French Vanilla a combination of off-white and very light maple yellow. 

There are big wooden bowls on small tables, ceramic jugs, baskets on shelves, and paintings on the walls.  The table groupings are varied two, four or six chairs per table.  Most of the dining area is well lit, though the table by the front window is the brightest and so are the few tables in the sun-room area.  The service is very friendly and prompt.  We were led to the table - menus placed in front of us, and water glasses filled.  The menus are original, typed pages placed in a clipboard with three pages listing plates and the fourth with a wine list. 

The soup arrived along with a basket with sliced baguette.  We opted for the featured Lamb Burger designed for the period of the snow festival of Ste. Agathe.  When the burger plates arrived, we lost one guest who after taking one bite, uttered "Oh my God" and proceeded to ravage her food, totally absorbed in it.  The other guest requested no bread and got the best dish, since they added an asparagus and two pieces of mushroom which she enjoyed tremendously.  I enjoyed the regular plate. 

We all did a pilgrimage to the desert show-case! I chose the Lemon Meringue tart, and the others took the apple crumble and the chocolate-melt.  We passed the plates around and the judgment was “Lemon Tart tops!” though the others were quite good too.  To conclude one took Café au Lait, very nicely served, the other an aromatic herbal tea of chamomile, mixed with other flowers and fruit (a brand we never saw before), and I chose the regular coffee which was quite good.  All in all, a very pleasant experience - to be repeated again for sure!  And the prices are right too!  This is definitely one of the best eateries available to us up north.  My guests from Ottawa were lamenting that they have nothing like this in their city.

Opening hours:  Tue., & Wed., 10 am to 6 pm.  Thur., Fri., Sat., 10 am to 10 pm.  (Sunday: reservation only, minimum 15). Closed Mondays!  It would be a good idea to reserve your table.  Maison 1890, 114 rue St. Vincent, Ste-Agathe-des-Monts. 819 324-1890.


Lamburger without bread

Lamburger in a bun

Lemon maringue tart

Choice of deserts


Italian pasta displayed in the sunroom - available for sale

a view into the sunroom

Charming sunroon seating

The front room - each table has a different style or shape.  One table place right by the window.

the counter and behind it...

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