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June 2014 - This Restaurant is now closed

Visited/Reviewed November 2012


A few months ago, Paul Gervais & Anne-Marie Béliveau opened a lovely spot on the main street of St. Sauveur, where they offer healthy meals served on Portuguese ceramic dishes in a uniquely decorated dining area with a stone fireplace, natural wood table tops and chair seats, as well as a outdoor terrace for good weather.  There are local newspapers and some magazines to browse in a relaxed friendly atmosphere. 

Manger Santé breakfast dish

This is a biological food store with about fifty products such as oil, nuts, flour, gluten-free flour and grains, beans and lentils, rice, dried fruit, spices, a variety of teas, gluten-free breads, biological local products, fair-trade coffee and more.

You can come to shop and sit down to taste the tea of the day, or enjoy a delectable healthy vegetarian or vegan meal.  Manger-Santé serves breakfast and lunch, juices, smoothie, cappuccino, soups, salads, special daily menus and deserts.

For breakfast there is a “Morning Treat” which is a healthy muffin ($2.75), toast, apple turnover, or a Grano-la-la, grilled cheese with walnuts and apples ($6.75), a bagel pleasure and omelette with cheese, spinach, with home-made fruit jam and more.  For lunch a soup bowl served with bread, baguette with grilled vegetables topped with cheese, Mexican veggie patty with caramelised onions, red peppers, sprouts and salad greens ($9.95), and much more.  The bread is flax-seed and sesame.  On weekdays there is a special daily menu which includes a soup, main dish, coffee and a desert (approx. $11). 

Manger Santé Lunch sandwich

For those who wish to hold a meeting they have a charming conference room upstairs which is offered to non-profit health organizations for their get-togethers.  Opening hours: Mon-Wed: 9 am to 6 pm.  Thur-Sat: 9 am to 9 pm.  Sun: 9 am to 6 pm.  Accessible to wheelchairs! 

Note: In the summer you can order vegetable baskets from an organic farm in the Laurentians which comes every week to the restaurant's lawn to distribute the pre-ordered baskets.

Manger-Santé, 411 rue Principale, St. Sauveur.  450 744-1919


                                                                                        Manger Santé Soup.

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