Café Coup de Cœur, Ste. Agathe Written March 2013  By: Ilania Abileah





The brochure of this café says in French “A café with the taste of sharing and love”, and that is exactly what one feels when coming into this humble location.  It was founded by ladies who "saw the need" and stepped up to take on the challenge.  The church in Ste. Agathe operates a kitchen three days of the week (Mon., Tue., Wed.) the rest of the week people did not have where to go.  The café opens Thur., Fri., & Sat., 9 am to 3 pm.  A few of us shared a meal comprised of vegetable soup, main dish of rice with chicken and vegetables, salad, desert and coffee ($4).  The atmosphere was warm and friendly and the volunteers who served the meal even spoke English to me.  On my second visit I attended a special vegetarian lunch meeting, where I learnt about a two-week trip comprised of one week immersion with a Guatemalan family, and a week’s stay in a Mayan cooperative village. 

The Café is also supported by Marc-André Morin, NDP Assembly Member for Laurentian-Labelle. Mr. Morin took part in the luncheon event and was accessible to everyone who came.  The Café has many activities such as art sessions, theatrical activities, choir, and performances in a small theatre next to the dining room.  Café Communautaire Coup de Cœur, 21, rue Saint-Henri Est, Ste. Agathe-des-Monts. Rolande-Yvon 819 217-5728 or Lyse: 819 321-9206.

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